Summer Fun for Kids in Simi Valley at the Santa Susana Train Depot and Knolls Park

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Visit the Old Santa Susana Train Depot and “Knolls” Park

Simi’s old Santa Susana Train Depot was built in 1903 and was once the center of travel and trade for Simi Valley. The Depot was used primarily by Simi’s travelers and farmers as a way to move themselves or their produce by the quickest means of transportation, which in those days, was the railroad. The Depot also housed freight shipments, and was home to the depot’s operating agent and family for over sixty years.

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Today, the original building is the current home of the Rancho Simi Foundation and the Santa Susana Pacific Model Railroad Club. When visitors step inside the train depot, they truly take a step back in time; seeing the old telegraph and ticket counter, and sitting in the waiting room. The Rancho Simi Foundation has kept everything in the building up to match its original 1930’s design so that visitors truly get a sense of what the depot was like in its day.

And perhaps the best part about this museum is that the building itself is one of the last of its kind in existence today. In fact, the train depot still sports its original Southern Pacific Railroad colors: colonial and dark yellows with medium brown trims, a mossy green roof and white window sashes – a truly one of kind of building to match its unique history!

The train depot is also located near one of Simi’s coolest recreational parks, Santa Susana (or Knolls) Park. Perhaps it’s the park’s old western Santa Susana feel or the charm of the giant oak trees that surround it that give Knolls park such a great name, but one thing is certain: the park’s gigantic sandstone rocks are every kids’ favorite place to climb and play, not to mention their playsets and jungle gyms! The park has tables and chairs to use at your disposal, as well as bathrooms and a water fountain. It’s the perfect place for a shady park picnic or day out with the kids, and is arguably one of the best kept secrets (well, until now) as far as Simi parks are concerned. And the best part is Knolls Park is a two-minute walk away from the Santa Susana Train Depot! Go immerse yourself and the family in some rich Simi history!


Visitor Information:

Santa Susana Train Depot: Open every Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. (excluding major holidays)
For large group tours during weekdays, please call (805) 581-3462.

Knolls Park: Open everyday

Santa Susana Train Depot: Free Entry
Knolls Park: N/A
Included in General Admission Price:

All exhibits and galleries at the museum, including the Tom Berg Apartment


Side notes:

Food available for purchase at the Train Depot and/ or park? No, but the Santa Susana Café is near the Santa Susana Train Depot.
Does the Train Depot take card for entry? Entry is free.
Do I buy tickets online or in person? N/A
Is parking free for visitors? Yes, but space is limited. So visitors are encouraged to park in the Knolls Park parking lot, and walk to the Train Depot.


For more information, please call: 805-581-3462 or visit their website: