Politics for a New Generation

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An Election of Our Own

The election of 2008 and 2012 is a memory so faint that I can hardly remember truly feeling a part of it. I was in my teen years and had not fully made up my mind on issues that now, I hold true and dear to my heart. Those elections were not for me. Those elections were still the elections of an older generation.

This year, however, everything changed. I had the power to use my voice and make an impact in our country. But with this greater power and privilege, came responsibility. The responsibility to be informed not only about your candidates but the history of this country as well. We have a responsibility to know where we came from, what we have accomplished, what past Presidents have done to continue our privilege to call this country the land of the free.

Staying Informed in the Digital Era

Here is where I faced a dilemma. My brother is a political science major. He knows politics like the back of his hand. Me, on the other hand, I am extremely business oriented. When I pick up a newspaper, it is to go straight to the business section. I’m not extremely politically aware and I can admit to that. But I did my research before voting, I just happened to do it in a different way.

Millennials are extremely tech-savvy. We prefer interactive methods. I love the Science Center. I’m not a science person but after a visit there, I truly feel like I have learned a lot. How come? It is because I got to play around. I got to interact with everything in every exhibit and that helped me retain information. The Ronald Reagan is my Science Center in the political world. If you are young and have not taken a visit to this Presidential Library, I suggest you do it as soon as possible.

A Walk Through History

Have you ever wanted to walk through the Oval Office? I know I have! The Ronald Reagan Library allows you to do just that. We have the biggest resource into America’s history right in our backyard; take advantage of it. Learn about politics and history the fun way. Walk through Air Force One; take a look at Nancy Reagan’s exquisite wardrobe, or visit our Former President and thank him for his fight for global democracy.

Sink into history and learn about it while interacting with all of the exhibits that truly capture our Former President’s patriotic spirit and respect for individual liberty.  Go for the gorgeous view of Simi Valley, with plenty of places to stay amidst the beauty of the area. Whatever the reason is that you have decided to stop by, I can promise that you will come out feeling satisfied and more engulfed into history and politics, without even trying to. We are the voice of the future and it is our responsibility to learn. So go out there and learn, but have fun while you are at it.