3 Things you Need to Know Before Booking Your Room

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I have welcomed countless brides, grooms and their families over my fifteen year career in the hotel industry and I enjoyed every minute of it. For many of my clients, this was the first time contracting with a hotel for a block of rooms. If this is you, here are the three things you need to know before contacting your hotel of choice.

Know How Many Rooms You Are Looking For:

This is the first question any hotel will ask you for two reasons. First, to confirm the hotel has the space available to accommodate your group. Second, to share the best packages and contracts for your group.   For example, if you have less than ten rooms there may be a complimentary hold option for you. Or, if you have over 20, your contract may include attrition and more amenities.

The best way to estimate your room need is to answer the following:

  • List guests that live further than 200 miles away from your venue.
    • They will stay two nights (the day before and the wedding night.
  • List guests that live further than 60 miles away from your venue.
    • They will stay the night of the wedding.
  • List guests that live further than 20 miles away that will need a taxi.
    • Tax​i fares beyond 20 miles can b​e comparable to a hotel night, check rate
  • List your wedding party.

This total is your rough estimate of how many rooms you should hold.

Understanding Contracts

While each hotel has their own contract and policy, most include industry standard terms. The following are terms that you will find on almost any contract:

Complimentary Hold: A complimentary hold means that there is not deposit or financial responsibility on your part. This is usually reserved for small room requirements as a courtesy service.

Cut-Off Date: The most important date on your contract. This date is the final day rooms will be held and possibly the group rate available for your group. After this date passes, rooms held will be released and re-sold and guests will be subject to the current hotel rates.

Attrition: The attrition clause details your financial responsibility.  Most contracts will give you wiggle room, usually limiting financial responsibility to 80% or less of what is held.  This will also outline the penalty if you should pick up less than required.

Choosing One Hotel Or Multiple Options

When you are deciding whether to choose one property or provide multiple property options, keep in mind that weddings are often reunions and family appreciates when everyone is together. You will also have the potential to secure better rates or amenities with a larger amount of rooms held. Distribution of gift bags and wedding information will also be easier at one property.

If you still want to provide multiple properties for price options, be sure to tell your guests which hotel your family is staying at. Once you have all this information together, you are ready to choose a property. When at all possible, tour the hotel in person and meet the sales professional you will be working with. The more rooms your group occupies, the more your relationship with this person is key. Whichever Simi Valley property you choose, each one has a great relationship with your chosen venue and is excited to play their part in your family’s successful wedding experience.


Happy Planning!

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